Support Coordination

Our NDIS support coordinators in Melborne assist individuals in understanding and implementing plans effectively to ensure a mix of support while Our NDIS support workers enhance the capacity for independence and community participation as well.

NDIS support workers in Melbourne work alongside individuals to provide a customised package of support services that improve their overall performance. The purpose is to help people retain relationships, manage service responsibilities successfully, and gain more freedom. Our support coordination service seeks to provide each member with a comprehensive support framework, fostering an environment that encourages active participation in the community.

The choice of Wattle Healthcare for your NDIS support coordination in Melbourne gives you access to professional NDIS support workers who will provide proactive NDIS support coordination and instruction on how to use your NDIS plan. We recognise that good support coordination is critical for participants to live satisfying lives, and our NDIS support workers in Melbourne are committed to developing bespoke programmes based on individual requirements and goals.

The cornerstone to successful NDIS support coordination in Melbourne is to build a supportive, honest, and collaborative partnership between NDIS support workers and the individuals. The objective is to not only assist individuals but also actively collaborate with them to create an environment in which their NDIS plan becomes a valued instrument for achieving desired targets and living satisfying lives in the community.