Community Care Nursing

Our registered and qualified home care assistants in Melbourne provide personalized services. From post-hospital care to medication management and palliative care, we offer one-on-one attention, to ensure well-being while assisting with social and community participation in Melbourne.

Post-hospital care is a pivotal aspect of our service, with specialized home care assistants in Melbourne working closely with patients to ensure a comfortable transition from the hospital to home. Understanding the challenges of post-hospitalization and offering the assistance required, including medication administration, incontinence control, and vital sign monitoring.

Medication management is an essential component of Melbourne home care support. Our professionals ensure accurate and timely medication setup and administration, providing individuals with peace of mind along with expert supervision. Whether oral medications or more complex I.V. Administration, we handle it with precision, putting the well-being of our customers first.

Home care assistants in Melbourne specialize in diabetes control. Offering personalized assistance to individuals, checking blood sugar levels, giving insulin, and providing useful advice on lifestyle changes for optimal diabetes care.

Palliative care is delivered with compassion and empathy, offering comfort and dignity for those suffering serious illness. Our skilled home care assistants collaborate with medical professionals to provide comprehensive palliative care, alleviate physical symptoms, and offer emotional and spiritual support.

Respite care services benefit both participants and home care assistants. The home care assistants offer brief reprieve, allowing caregivers to recharge while still caring for patients. This is a crucial service that improves the overall health of both participants and home care assistants.

Wattle Healthcare's commitment to promoting assistance with social and community participation in Melbourne goes beyond just healthcare. By understanding the values of social participation for overall well-being and actively promoting and supporting people to participate in a variety of social and community activities. Our comprehensive approach to home care prioritizes not just medical but also social and emotional aspects, resulting in a supportive and enriching atmosphere for each individual.